Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Increase your brand exposure without any risk

Recruit, acquire and grow performance based relationshipsWe provide a fully managed affiliate marketing service to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your marketing;
  • Drive incremental revenue;
  • Give expert strategic direction; and
  • Provide a risk free solution.

Our affiliate marketing management service

We’ve tailored our affiliate marketing service to incorporate our digital knowledge from every channel. This means you receive the benefit of expert affiliate advice from those that understand how it affects your display and PPC advertising – that’s a lot of expertise! Each package is unique to every client depending on your needs, but each service includes:

  • An initial consultation with you
  • An audit of your current affiliate programme
  • Submission of an expert proposal
  • Full project management and affiliate optimisation
  • Frequent reports and recommendations

We work as an extension of your team . We take things personally and treat the client’s needs and business like our own, which means we operate as an extension rather than an outsourced agency.

By doing this we ensure that we become an unbiased ‘outsourced program manager’, performing the function of an in-house staff member. By acting in this way we still allow advertisers to own the relationships they have with their affiliates and/or Affiliate Networks.

Affiliate principles built by us, for you

We have built our own affiliate principles that we base the continuous optimisation of our programmes on. Our principles are:

  • The type of affiliates are determined by the consumer behaviour in each market
  • Grow your programme by investing in the assets that you make available to your affiliates
  • Tailor the entire conversion journey in partnership with your top affiliates
  • Acknowledge the 80/20 rule, but deploy tactics to grow low volume affiliate relationships
  • Measure the contribution of affiliate marketing against your entire Digital Marketing mix

We’re affiliate marketing specialists

As specialists we have the strategic skills and knowledge to help a brand launch and maintain an affiliate campaign, as well as having the experience to recommend the best networks for specific sectors or campaign types.

Working with a specialist agency provides the same transparency, accountability and access of an internally managed program, but with the full support, guidance and experience of working across multiple industries and brands.

How affiliate marketing can double your online ROI

It is a common misconception among advertisers that affiliate marketing is just for businesses looking to push their brand out on discount websites. In fact, affiliate marketing can significantly increase your online revenue without any risk whatsoever making it one of the most efficient digital marketing channels. By using affiliate marketing you:

  • Only pay once you start seeing a result such as a sale or lead generation;
  • Eliminate risk by not prepaying for advertising space;
  • Compliment your current display and PPC campaigns; and
  • Get access to thousands of websites that do not belong to a display network

Eventually the impact of not running an affiliate programme is that you miss out on revenue from the most efficient channel, and lose out on the benefit of free brand exposure on thousands of sites.

The advertiser and publisher relationship

The affiliate marketing world can be a daunting one, especially for those who may be unfamiliar with the industry. Before deciding if an affiliate marketing programme is for you it is important to understand how each business relates to another and the benefits of each relationship.

  • Advertisers
    An advertiser is a business looking to promote their product or service online by paying commission to businesses (publishers) that successfully drive visitors to the advertisers’ website. The benefit is that an advertiser does not have to pay anything until they start seeing results.
  • Publishers
    (also known as ‘Affiliates’)Publishers are the businesses that monetise their websites and online traffic by promoting either one or many advertiser products and/or services. Once the publisher begins to push traffic to the advertisers’ website the network can track when this traffic generates a sale for the advertiser, and once this action occurs the publisher receives commission.
  • Affiliate Network
    The affiliate networks provide advertisers and publishers with a platform to find creatives, promotional assets, tracking links, reporting, finance overview and a communication channel.
  • Agencies
    Agencies are brought in by clients to provide strategic direction and provide expert management skill. Affiliate marketing is a long process and requires a lot of love, care and attention in order to grow successfully – something agencies can provide and client businesses may not have time for.
App Development

App Development

Mobile app development London

KD Web are proud to announce that we have built a number of mobile Apps which have been approved and are listed on the Apple store and a few of our client Apps are currently in development awaiting launch. We would be happy to show you apps that we have built over the past year.

Why are we so excited about apps? Mobile App development for iPhoneiPadAndroid and Blackberry apps could be very beneficial to most organisations. With our expertise in mobile architecture and design, our App developers will make sure that your App meets your strategic goals from the start whether you are looking for iPhone developers or other mobile App designers.

The future is mobile

The future is here – the future is mobile and portable. Mobile Apps tap into the huge growth in mobile internet consumption and are predicted to overtake desktop by 2016. There were over 100 million smart phone users in 2010 and by 2013 there are predicted to be nearly 1 billion users worldwide. Bespoke information can be available anywhere, anytime, boosting productivity and interacting with consumers and businesses through these Apps..

Mobile Apps are now, and without doubt, the preferred way for people with mobile devices to interact with businesses and this will only increase. KD Web are always at the cutting edge of technology and have transferred our considerable expertise in website design to the mobile App market. We take our unrivalled design and web development experience and apply it to this fantastic new platform by employing specially trained professional App developers.

KD Web offer app development as follows:

  • iPhone App Developers
  • iPad App Developers
  • Android App Developers
  • Blackberry App Developers
  • Other Mobile App developers

Investing in mobile

We have invested heavily in skills and personnel so that that our web designers work with our iPhone App developers and mobile App developers to build systems that work on platforms including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android and Research in Motion’s Blackberry devices. There are only a few skilled iPhone developers in London as this is a relatively new industry, however we have already sent over half of our web developers on iPhone development courses and train them regularly in new App development technology so they become true professional iPhone developers.

If you are interested in exposing your organisation to a fresh new mobile and iPhone App market and if you would like to take advantage of the next gold rush in information technology before your competitors do, then you should talk to us about our latest innovative service – mobile application designers and developers.

So, all in all you can see that we build interactive mobile Apps, Design iPhone apps, develop iPad Apps, and can even provide your company with excellent consultation and access to a professional iPhone App developer who can work from either our offices in London or your place of work. You have come to the correct website if you were considering and looking for iPhone developers London or a similar search term.

Finally, your search for an iPhone App developer London should stop here. Contact us for friendly and professional advice on our App developers, or click here to request our free brochure.



Beautifully designed eCommerce websites.

We design, develop and market best practice eCommerce websites using Magento.

We have a proven track record in eCommerce and our clients generate and handle millions of pounds in sales annually.

If you’re looking to redesign your existing website and increase your sales, please call 0845 4580555 and speak to us today.

We do everything relating to Magento eCommerce web design and development.

  • E-commerce design specialists
  • Fast Magento hosting
  • Full data and multisite integration
  • Mobile commerce included
  • Conversion optimised
  • Award winning e-commerce design
  • Inventory Management
  • Wish / Favourites list
  • Filter / Search Functions
  • Product Categories
  • Multiple Option products
  • Product customisation
  • EOPS Integration
  • Advanced administration control panel
  • SSL/HTTPS Secure payments
  • Multiple Payment Options including PayPal, SagePay, Google Checkout
  • Separate trading groups

We can also integrate advanced features, such as the provision of analysis data, integration with stock management, special offer systems and mailing lists and even invoicing systems all within your Ecommerce web design.

We would be happy to show you examples from our portfolio and advise you on how we can help your business. Call us today on 0845 4580555

A full service eCommerce agency.

We design and build e-Commercewebsites that look fantastic, are easy to update, secure, and provide you with all the tools you need to manage products, pricing, customers, invoicing and much more. Also, we can help you optimise your website so that your site and its products appear in search engines such as Google.

Our focus is to generate the best return on investment for our clients.


CMS Solutions

CMS Solutions

Update your site – Feel the power!

We believe you should to be able to update your website easily and securely, whenever you want.

We build bespoke websites and internet applications with powerful content management systems (CMS) that allow you to update your website quickly and easily.

A CMS that meets your business needs

We will provide a reliable, scalable Content Management System that will enable your business to be more successful and productive.

We won’t simply provide an off-the-shelf solution, your CMS platform will be fully customised and include modules and functionality specifically tailored to your business requirements.

Whether you need to be able to update your site regularly or wish to automate your business processes allowing you to spend your time doing what you do best, we can help.

A better way of doing things

We find better ways to do things by specialising in open source technologies such as PHP and MYSQL. We love open source because it allows us to deliver impressive solutions to cost-effective budgets.

Open Source, unlike proprietary content management systems, means the source code is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is not subject to costly licensing agreements.

We are particularly fond of the open-source platforms Drupal, TYPO3, Magento, WordPress the Cake PHP Framework.

Advanced functionality with an interface that is simple and straightforward.

Standard CMS functionality typically includes:

  • edit, create and delete pages
  • add and remove whole sections
  • change the website structure
  • upload documents and media
  • control users

If you have advanced requirements, we can provide the most advanced CMS functionality available.

We have experience in developing vastly complex sites, from integrated travel booking websitesecommerce sites with integrated warehouse management, financial transaction systems for banks and social media platforms.

Our websites provide an incredible amount of control over design, content and structure, including:

  • multiple websites controlled by a single CMS
  • multi-lingual / multi-country sites
  • highly granular user permissions
  • versioning and content workflow
  • front-end editing,
  • advanced analytics
  • user-specific content


We do SEO, SEM & SMO

As a full service website design agency we not only design and built the most stunning websites you’ve ever seen but we ensure that they are found, returned to, remembered and revered.

Be found to be profitable

Search engines direct literally millions of potential customers in your sector every day, and the aim of SEO is to have them pointing towards your website. Whether we’re designing and developing your website from scratch or giving your site a makeover our SEO strategies are tantamount to a full-scale advertising campaign, ensuring that search spiders find you and push exactly the right kind of traffic in your direction: interested potential customers with money to spend.

Reinforce your corporate brand

To have a high-ranking website in a search engine’s results page is synonymous with credibility, reliability and size in the eyes of the buying public – all essential to gaining a customers’ trust and therefore their business. Your website can not only achieve greater traffic and turnover from having a successfully optimised site, it can benefit from an explosion in brand exposure as well.

A little effort for a lot of promotion

Many SEO campaigns start with a blast of effort and tail off, just like the results. Bond Media are not interested in this flash-in-the-pan approach, we create strategies that will result in long-term business growth from a campaign that is designed to minimise your costs but maximise the impact on your audience.


The successful marketing of your online business requires a dynamic approach spanning numerous media, applications and devices. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) should be the latest tool in your marketing armoury, exploiting the multi-million strong customer bases of social media websites to convert them into customers, spread excitement and anticipation about product launches and help your brand to blossom.

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, MySpace and YouTube, to name just a few, are used by millions of people every day, they have become something of an obsession in recent years, and they offer an excellent marketing opportunity because of their size and structure.

Our versatile coordinated campaigns take advantage of all the features of social networking to promote your business to the widest possible audience. The very nature of social networking sites is that they encourage viral contact – the passing on of fun, exiting, entertaining or important information to others – so a single entry can circle the globe with millions of viewers if you get the message right. Developing a corporate identity in this way is inexpensive, far-reaching and proves that your business understands both its market and the platform trend of the day.

This form of marketing is truly democratic, open to all businesses no matter their size because you don’t need a huge publicity budget to generate a buzz in this environment. SMO allows you to engage with potential customers in a totally different way. It enables you to open a dialog with them and to pinpoint your target audience by promoting to or creating Groups within your chosen platform populated by those that are specifically interested in what you have to offer. It is incredibly responsive as new offers, services or products can be promoted instantly. It also has longevity as advertising lasts only as long as you pay for it and today’s PR is tomorrow’s fish and chip packaging but good SMO can domino on for some time.

Whether we are talking about forums or video sharing sites, LinkedIn or MySpace, Bond Media’s years of experience in the SMO field means that we know precisely who to target and how to convert their audiences into publicity machines to promote your business. Provide us with content or instruct our copywriters to create a continuous stream of information, comment and news that will keep your social media audience enthralled and have them coming back to your website time and time again.

We have fully embraced this new medium and can create SMO packages tailored to the specific needs of your business whatever its size, sector or budget so that you gain the maximum results for your online promotion.

Bond Media has an unmatched appreciation for the contemporary web landscape, therefore not only are we able to create the perfect SMO solution for your business, but we offer numerous complimentary services for your online business including; SEO copywriting, search engine optimisation, design and development, and so much more.

Web Development

Web Development

We build the foundations your website needs to succeed. Our web developers are committed to developing websites that are as functional as they are eye-catching.

Web development that responds to your business

A great site is not measured by looks alone; real success is delivering something secure, dependable and easy for users to navigate.

KD Web has a full in-house web development team and over 17 years experience in designing and developing websites. Our clients span many different industry sectors and range from small boutique companies to international corporations. We have successfully delivered hundreds of websites, from brochure sites to highly complex mission critical web applications, ecommerce websites and social media platforms.

We expect a lot from of our web developers and so do our clients.

Feel free to view some of our work here

Fast, efficient & accessible

Having a fast, well-coded, accessible web site creates an enjoyable online experience and helps improve rankings in Search Engines.

We are skilled at ‘hand coding’ and don’t rely on applications to write our development code and we implement performance best practices to keep our sites fast so they are loved by search engines and users.

Using the modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP and MySQL to enhance user experience and functionality, we can create interesting visual effects that will engage users.

Our websites are:

  • Fast
  • User Friendly
  • Mobile (responsive)
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Accessible

Our web development services include:

  • Optimised HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Responsive Websites
  • JQuery & Ajax
  • CMS Development
  • Bespoke Modules
  • PHP and MySQL development

We will help select the ideal web development technology for your needs, based on your investment and business objectives.

We’re an agnostic digital agency but particularly fond of PHP and open-source platforms such as Drupal, TYPO3, Magento and the Cake PHP Framework. We love open source web development technologies because it allows us to deliver impressive solutions to cost-effective budgets.

Mobile, tablet and desktop responsive web developers

With phone and tablet use growing rapidly, delivering a user-friendly mobile experience is crucial to optimising engagement and conversion rates.

We use Responsive web design techniques so that our websites work for all customers, no matter which device or platform they are using.

Web development that meets the needs of your business

A lot of clients come to us after realising the cost of minor website updates was really adding up and they were waiting too long for them to be done.

The majority our clients understandably want to update their websites themselves, when they want, where they want.

We can provide a scalable Content Management Systems to suit any business.